Hooping mad advanced teacher training

Professional Development for Hoop Teachers

Why settle for being a good hoop teacher when you could be a great hoop teacher?
Video & Zoom Learning

Comprehensive learning materials via video classes, zoom classes & your option of zoom or in-person for the practical teaching sessions. 14 years of hoop teaching expertise condensed into one extensive course with internationally acclaimed master hoop teacher Emma Kenna. Everything you need to become the best and most confident teacher you can be.

Zoom/live Practical

The Course begins with Zoom theory sessions and a comprehensive video course. To complete the course and become a certified you must do the practical teaching part of the course where you have the chance to develop your teaching skills via teaching your peers. The Practical part of the course ends with you teaching a class you have developed (with Emma’s help) to the rest of the group. This part of the course can be done with a group entirely on Zoom or with a group at a live 5 day event at TADAH in Turkey.

Win a SWhoop Ticket!

The Zoom and live practical classes will be at most 12 participants each allowing for tailored teaching including the chance for everyone to teach and receive feedback from both Emma and your peers. The perfect place to make lifelong connections. Two of the group will be offered teaching slots at SWhoop 2024 (one from the Zoom and one from TADAH). This is peer chosen with everyone having a vote to say which workshop they enjoyed the most :)

Paradise Location (optional)

You can do the entire training remotely via zoom but some of you may choose to do the practical teaching part of the course at magical TADAH. 4 days (plus arrival and departure days) at beautiful TADAH in Turkey. Your ATT training session includes access to the stunning training space and natural pool, incredible food and beach/ancient ruins Trip

Learn how to make multi level classes a breeze

Your ATT Team

Advanced Learning in Comfort
Emma Kenna
Emma Kenna
Widely acclaimed as one of the best hoop teachers on the planet, Emma has created a program to challenge all attendees to identify their strengths and aim high
Individual, partner and group activities both prior to the event and during it will mean each of you will contribute invaluably to the groups progress
Till and Deniz
Till and Deniz
Hosts at TADAH
For those attending the in-person part of the training at TADAH. The T and D of TADAH’s Artist Habitat have created an artists haven in beautiful Turkey for us to play and learn in.


Dream big and find your specialist teaching niche