May 14, 2016

Course Content

I’ve put all the knowledge I have gained in my 14 years of hoop teaching which has included building the award winning Bristol Hoop Community via weekly in-person classes/courses, creating & touring workshops & running & teaching at conventions around the world.

Theory Part of the Course (for everyone):

The theory part of the course is a mix of Zoom group classes, video classes you do in your own time & Zoom accountability / Q&A sessions with Emma to make sure you keep up with the videos 🙂

Once you enroll we begin with 3 x 2hr Zoom sessions that cover some core teaching theory and discussions.

In these sessions we get to know each other and you will discover your personal learning style, superpowers and challenges so you can use this knowledge throughout the rest of the program.

After this it is up to you to complete the comprehensive video course which includes:

  • How to make sure that your teaching includes all learning styles
  • Breaking down even the hardest trick into simple steps
  • Troubleshoot teaching any trick
  • The tools to add layers of complexity to challenge even the most advanced students
  • Identifying and dealing with different student archetypes
  • How to build different classes/workshops
  • How to teach Multi Level classes/workshops
  • Ideas for warm ups, cool downs and ice breakers
  • Use of Creativity Cards & Flow Cards (both provided) both as a teaching tool or for creating whole classes
  • The difference between a class, a beginners workshop and a convention workshop
  • How to teach Multi Level classes/workshops
  • A breakdown of my Beginners Foundation course structure and content
  • I’ll share with you my knowledge of what event organisers are looking for in teacher applications, how to go about teaching specialist workshops outside of your home base, filming/editing tutorials/demos and the use of social media for self promotion and hoop business

All on an easy to navigate course player with Speed control options 🙂

On Saturdays I am in our ATT Zoom room for 2 HRS to answer your questions!!

This is your time to pick my brain!! Maybe you have any questions you have about the video content or you want me to have a look at your new website or you need some help with how to teach a certain trick.

These Q&A sessions are completely optional but all of the sessions are recorded so you always have forever access to all the answers and discussions. if you can make it or not

I split it into each question so you can watch what is specifically useful to you 🙂

You will be also be a part of the WHATSAPP GROUP where I set regular accountability challenges and share additional (optional) homework exercises that are designed to help to build up your brand and improve your online presense.

Also Included in the Training:

  • Additional Videos – lots of extra information that you don’t need to have completed for the practical sessions 🙂
  • Bonus “How to Make Money Teaching Online” Included when you enroll (normal price £240)

A stand alone video course which is an extensive breakdown of how to get the most out of teaching online (with special emphasis on Zoom).

  • Different ways to set up your equipment and teaching space to maximise student and teacher experience
  • Zoom controls and settings
  • Passive income generation : Video hosting options so you can make money from your recordings
  • Donation vs paid classes and pricing calculations
  • and loads more…
  • Bonus Yearly Subscription to “All the Things” on Hooping Mad Online Learning

Included when you enroll (normal price £240)

  • Watch 200+ hrs of video classes/workshops
  • Beginners to Advanced Hoop Instruction
  • I add classes throughout the year
  • All yearly subscribers also get access to all live zoom classes I teach for that year

As a hoop teacher you can use the course content as inspiration for your own classes, get teaching tips for any trick and/or just enjoy the classes for yourself as a hooper!

  • The ATT Course book (pdf for all Zoom, physical copy if attending the TADAH event) which includes class plans for the Hooping Mad Foundation Course and all the worksheets used in the training
  • A set of Hooping Mad Creativity Cards (pdf for all Zoom, physical copy if attending the TADAH event)
  • A set of Hooping Mad Flow Cards (pdf for all Zoom, physical copy if attending the TADAH event)
  • A certificate to say you have completed Hooping Mad Advanced Teacher Training

Choice of Practical (Zoom or Live at TADAH in Turkey):

To complete the course, and receive your certificate, you need to take part in the practical sessions where you get 1 on 1 and whole group teaching practice. You will get to teach and get feedback so you can improve during the sessions.

You can do this on Zoom in August 2024 OR at TADAH Artist Habitat in Antalya, Turkey (7-12th June 2024)

You can do the practical part of the course on Zoom from anywhere in the world

No travel, no stress, just complete the whole program from your living room via zoom.

We work together to find the best day & time for the whole group.

TADAH is an amazing circus retreat centre with an incredible studio and the best food.

The next In-person Practical event will be 7-12th June 2024 (only 4 spaces left)

Click HERE for more info on the LIVE multi-day Practical at TADAH

Please note that there is an additional charge for the TADAH event and you are responsible for your own travel to Antalya, Turkey

You must have completed the compulsory theory part of the course before starting the Practical.

Both Practical Sessions Include:

  • Practice teaching your peers one on one and as a group.
  • Recieve feedback on your teaching from me and from your students with different learning styles so you can imporve your teaching throughout the sessions
  • Help constructing your own class including a 1on1 planning session with Emma
  • The chance to teach your class/workshop to your peers and receive detailed feedback
  • Example Classes from Emma: You’ll learn the tricks but also get an insight into how the workshops are constructed and teaching techniques employed.

The favourite teacher, as voted by the other participants, will gain a teaching slot for a one hour workshop at SWhoop 2024, Bristol, UK which is a perfect showcase for up and coming teachers as well as seasoned professionals.

The teaching spaces at SWhoop are highly coveted. There was over 100 applicants for the 2024 event!

One workshop will be chosen from the Zoom Practical group and one will be chosen from the TADAH practical group.

After you have completed the training:

  • Forever access to all the video content including additional videos and Q&A recordings
  • The best two workshops as voted by the rest of the students will be invited to teach at Swhoop 2024 = you receive a free space for the 5 day 2024 event 3-7th Oct 2024 in Bristol, UK : One will be chosen from the Zoom Practical group and one from the TADAH group.
  • Personal referrals to other hoop/flow event organisers where applicable

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