May 14, 2016

Course Content

A new level in hoop professional development

Before the event:

Individual Skype meetings prior to analyse your hoop/personal style to identify workshop areas to investigate, teaching style and set goals for the training.
Become part of the private fb group
Access to all Hooping Mad Online Workshops
Pre-event homework to maximise your learning potential

During the event:


Theoretical (course book study and worksheets) and practical sessions (me teaching and you teaching each other) that will cover:

– Ideas for warm ups, cool downs and ice breakers
– How to build different classes/workshops
– The difference between a class, a beginners workshop and a convention workshop
– Breaking down even the hardest trick into simple steps
– The tools to add layers of complexity to challenge even the most advanced students
– Tips on teaching Multi Level classes/workshops- Identifying and teaching different learning styles
– Troubleshoot teaching any trick

A breakdown of my Beginners Foundation course structure and content

Two of my favourite workshops with explanations at key points in the teaching. You’ll learn the tricks but also get an insight into how the workshops are constructed and teaching techniques employed.

Help developing personal workshop ideas.
The chance to teach your peers and get feedback
You will all have the opportunity to teach a mini workshop and receive feedback from both me and your peers.

The two favourite teachers, as voted by the other participants, will gain teaching slots for one hour workshops at Swhoop 2019, Bristol, UK which is a perfect showcase for up and coming teachers as well as seasoned professionals.


I’ll share with you my knowledge of what event organisers are looking for in teacher applications, how to go about teaching specialist workshops outside of your home base, filming/editing tutorials/demos and the use of social media for self promotion and hoop business during the cosy evening discussion groups.

Every participants will receive:
– The ATT Course book which includes class plans for the Hooping Mad Foundation Course and all the worksheets used in the training
– A set of Hooping Mad Creativity Cards
– A set of Hooping Mad Flow Cards
– A certificate to say you have completed Hooping Mad Advanced Teacher Training – ATT

After the event:

The best two workshop demos as voted by the rest of the students will be invited to teach at Swhoop 2019 as an optional teacher
Personal referrals to other hoop/flow event organisers where applicable

The 2018 Timetable for reference:

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